COVID Reassurance


Elemental Asbestos & Mold is committed to doing our part to care for our staff and clients health. As this is our position we have made it a priority to support the local health officials and climbing hygiene standards.

Rightly so many of our clients are concerned about how they may protect their family while carrying on with the inevitable renovations or emergencies that may occur and require companies such as ours to enter their home. We are providing the following information as an acknowledgement and reassurance that we are committed to providing you with the same high quality service as before but now with an even higher standard for hygiene and social distancing protocols amid this pandemic.

We as a company have been continuously working through this mess but not without an action plan, as soon as we could see that COVID was climbing to be more than just a minor problem our manager staff worked on a safety program for the crew that outlined a much higher standard of hygiene for the crew to follow. Since the formation of this plan we have been committed to keep up to date with local health authorities recommendations and to correct our plan where necessary.

What we do:

  • Social Distance (2 meters apart)
  • No handshaking
  • Avoid populated places
  • Limit contact with people that are of higher risk
  • Use supplied nitrile gloves upon entry of home or worksite
  • Use hand sanitizer regularly
  • Wash hands before taking breaks
  • Sanitize cell phones and equipment regularly

What you can do?:

  • Let the manager team know if anyone in the home has any symptoms of COVID before we enter the home or start the project.
  • If you or anyone in your household has travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days please let the manager staff know before we start the project.
  • Maintain recommendations of hygiene and social distancing that the local authorities have put in place.
  • Sanitize items like door knobs and light switches or other items in the home that our crew may come into contact with

Your safety and our safety is and always has been our top priority!
Stay safe!

Manager Staff of Elemental Asbestos & Mold