Mold Inspections


Have you recently found yourself experiencing unexplained symptoms of illness or allergies? Is there a strong smell of musk or decay in your building, or have you finally caught sight of tell-tale fuzzy patches on your walls or ceilings?

If so, then it is time for you to get a mold inspection, especially if you are just beginning to notice signs of a mold infestation in your home or business. Mold can grow and spread throughout a building for a long time before anyone takes notice, so it’s important to have an expert come in to evaluate the extent of the growth and help you decide which steps to take to remediate any damage.

Mold growth is a prevalent issue within many buildings, needing only moisture, humidity, and organic material in order to thrive. It only takes one to two days for mold to grow wherever moisture is introduced to organic material, with even just a small amount of water. The most common places for mold to thrive include, but are not limited to, bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, furnace rooms, attics, and basements.

Many of the rooms listed are rooms prone to high humidity, so it is important to be especially wary of potential mold growth there. Humidity will also exaggerate the stench of mildew and rot. Once you begin seeing the signs, it is important to have the problem taken care of immediately and safely, rather than allow the mold to continue growing and putting the building’s occupants at risk.

At Elemental Asbestos & Mold Removal, we make sure to inspect your building thoroughly for mold growth. Not only do we do a thorough visual inspection, looking for signs of humidity and condensation problems rather than just looking for fuzzy spots, we also test your air quality and take samples of mold for lab tests to determine what kind of mold is present.

You never know how bad a mold problem can be from a surface level and a cursory look. You need professionals with the experience and knowledge to inspect and determine the cause and extent of the problem. If you’re concerned about at-risk rooms or have noticed any signs of mold growth, contact the experts at Elemental Asbestos & Mold Removal in Victoria, BC and area to get a complete inspection for your home or business.