Elemental Asbestos and Mold Removal specializes in the safe removal of Asbestos from occupied buildings, demolition sites, institutions, and homes. The hazards of Asbestos removal are well known. Removal due to renovations, demolition or other requirements can be costly and dangerous. Elemental abides by all work safe BC Guidelines regarding hazardous materials, it is imperative to use proper procedures, as work safe BC Officers regularly inspect asbestos abatement projects at random.

Our technology and methodology allows us to safely remove this dangerous substance during renovations with minimum impact on the daily activity of the home or business owner. We use third party laboratories for testing, Third party air quality monitoring from licenses environmental consultants to ensure no asbestos fibers are present after the abatement (AQM is provided in the final asbestos paperwork package at the end of the abatement). We have all necessary certifications and permits to test, remove, and perform asbestos disposal in Victoria BC properly.

We can do projects big and small — from small residential to large commercial sites. We specialize in the removal of all forms of this harmful substance, and especially the difficult task of removing asbestos from institutions, occupied areas and demolition sites.

What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral found in trace amounts throughout the world. The fire retardant properties of asbestos fibers were known to Greek and Roman civilizations. In modern times, respiratory problems were noted in the 1920s and linked to asbestos fibers. But it was not until the 1970s, when lawsuits were brought against manufacturers of asbestos products, that Workers’ Compensation Boards enforced regulations controlling the use of asbestos products in the workplace.

Asbestos related diseases damage and scar the lung tissue. It is this scarring that can lead to breathing difficulties and eventually to total hardening of the lungs, or to lung cancer. Asbestos products take many forms, from floor tiles, spray on fireproofing, Duct insulation, attic vermiculite insulation, drywall mud, ceiling texture, and more. There are also several forms of asbestos, but the most common form used in products is Chrysotile.