Renovating Your Home? Where do I start?

You finally bought your new house and are ready to make it perfect with a few changes to fit your dream home expectations. You have the new layout all mapped out. Tons of DIY designs ready to try. You’re all excited about what will be your next fun project until… someone mentions asbestos.

Does this scenario sound familiar? Whether it’s a house you are looking to buy, a new home you just bought, or your family’s fixer-upper, asbestos can be an intimidating factor. What was supposed to be a fun do-it-yourself project, has now turned into a stressful renovation. Or has it?

Whether you are just starting the renovation process, have a project on the go, or have plans for the future, you probably have many questions about how asbestos plays a part in your plans. Does my house contain it? Do I have to remove it? Can I do it myself? What’s the whole remediation process like? Knowing the answers to these questions can contribute to a worry-free and safe renovation. You can find answers to all these questions and more right here on our website, click here for our FAQ page:  The Elemental Asbestos and Mold team are here to help!  we are a click or call away.